Reliably taking care of obligatory routine calls!

We take over your emergency test calls and document them in a legally secure manner.

Routine calls to check the lift emergency call function

The emergency call must work – to ensure this, DIN EN 81-28 (Remote alarms for passenger and goods passenger lifts) requires that every lift must make an emergency call at least every 72 hours. This automated emergency call is received by us on your behalf – we document the receipt and functionality of your emergency call device – to be legally safe and in a reliable manner.

If we do not receive the emergency call at the specified time, we will let you know immediately. As a lift must not be operated without a functioning emergency call system, we will find a repair solution immediately and at short notice.

We relieve you of routine calls! No matter whether for one, ten, a hundred or thousands of lifts.

We do it for you. Reliably, cost-effectively and fairly!

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Lift emergency calls & rescue of trapped persons

A lift must not be operated without a functioning emergency call system – we will take care of it!

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Lift service, maintenance & repairs

Regular maintenance is important and ensures the operability of your lift.

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Lift attendants and training

Regular lift inspections are a mandatory task – we'll take care of it for you!

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GSM emergency calls/SIM card management

We offer suitable cards & emergency call devices with optimised tariffs.

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Hazard analysis

You need a hazard analysis for your lift. We will prepare it for you!

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