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Personal emergency calls: Safety and support in an emergency through the emergency call centre

In many situations, a personal emergency call system can save lives or provide fast assistance. At TG Services we offer professional emergency call services for businesses and private households. We are available around the clock and ensure that action is taken quickly and effectively in an emergency.


Professional programming and set-up

Our emergency call systems are set up and programmed by our own trained staff. We place particular emphasis on safety in both the set-up and use by our customers. We protect our systems with security codes and connect them to our redundant control centres to ensure a fast response in case of emergency.


Reliable phone support

Our customers can contact our phone support at any time for help with technical problems or other concerns. We stand by our customers with professional advice and fast support.


Regular routine calls

We monitor and document our emergency call systems with routine calls that are made three times a week. If a piece of equipment does not respond, we immediately check it for errors and inform the customer. We also offer our customers a monthly overview of the routines for all devices.


24/7 receipt of emergency calls

The emergency calls are connected to our emergency call centre, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. All incoming emergency calls are processed and documented immediately. We initiate the previously agreed measures immediately and can thus alert a security service or also the emergency rescue service, the fire brigade or the police if necessary.


Data maintenance

We update the available data of our customers quickly and reliably as soon as we are informed about an update. Through this we ensure that our data is always up to date and that we duly implement the agreed measures in an emergency.



A personal emergency call system offers safety and support in many situations. At TG Services we offer professional services for programming, setting up and monitoring emergency call systems. Our phone support available around the clock and rapid emergency response ensure that our customers can always rely on fast and reliable help.


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