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Emergency call centre for lift safety

Lifts are installations that require monitoring. In the event of malfunctions, people can become trapped and then have to rely on external help to get them out of the predicament.  A lift emergency call is therefore an important service to ensure quick and reliable help in an emergency. By complying with standards and regulations such as EN 81-28 (Remote alarm on passenger and goods lifts) and the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), the safety of lift operation is improved. 

TG Services complies with all applicable rules, standards and regulations for the operation of a lift emergency call centre and reliably organises the rescue of trapped persons from lifts around the clock.

Consequently, we offer the following services:


Connection to the emergency call centre

The lifts are connected to the emergency call centre and help is thus available at all times.


Emergency call receipt and forwarding 

In an emergency, the emergency call centre receives the lift emergency call and forwards it according to previously agreed procedures. These procedures can be agreed individually and so, depending on the time of the day, either lift attendants appointed by the operator can be notified on-site or a qualified rescue service can be alerted and tasked with rescuing people.


Monitoring and maintenance 

The emergency call centre monitors the functionality of the lift emergency call system continuously with test calls. This ensures that the emergency call system is operational in an emergency. 


Rescue of trapped persons

We also offer to take over the tasks of rescuing trapped persons via our partners. This can be in the form of comprehensive packages, but also on a time-restricted basis – for example, by only aiding with these tasks at night or at weekends.

Standards and directives 

EN 81-28: Safety requirements for lift emergency call devices: The EN 81-28 standard specifies safety requirements for lift emergency call devices in order to ensure a fast and effective
emergency response. Certain aspects have to be taken into account here, such as the accessibility
of the emergency call centre, the reliability of the transmission of the emergency call message and giving information to the rescuers about the location of the lift.

German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV): Safety in the operation of lifts: Safety of lifts is also addressed by the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV). Lifts, for example, must be serviced regularly
to ensure their functionality. In the event of an emergency, rapid and effective assistance must be guaranteed.


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Lift emergency calls & rescue of trapped persons

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