Lift attendants: professional and safe handling has to be learned.

We provide training to would-be lift attendants.

Lift attendants & lift attendant training courses

Regular inspections are a mandatory task!

To ensure that a lift is in a safe condition, it must be inspected regularly, e.g. weekly. For this purpose, the operator must assign one or more persons to supervise the lift system, carry out checks and document them – for these assigned persons, the term ‘lift attendant’ has long been established.

Our lift attendant app, which we make available to our customers, helps you with this.

Via our online web portal and automatic sending of logs (on request), we offer access to status information about your lifts connected to us at any time.


Lift attendant app

  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Digitisation of the inspection process for lifts according to TRBS
  • App Portal for documentation
  • Dashboard for all the lifts of an operator (Premium Feature)
  • Many benefits when combined with Telegärtner emergency call devices

Lift attendant training

According to TRBS 3121, the persons in charge of rescuing trapped persons must have equipment-specific knowledge. Rescuing people without specific knowledge is prohibited and is also dangerous.


Qualified training for lift attendants/authorised persons

The scope of the training includes:

  • Legal references
    • Directive 2014/33/EU (Lift Safety Directive)
    • German Product Safety Act (ProdSG)
    • German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)
    • German Technical Rules for Industrial Safety (TRBS)
  • Lift technology – traction lifts
    • Rope drive with external bearing
    • Rope drive with and without a machine room
    • Safety gear
    • Pipe burst protection
    • Speed limiter
    • Rescuing people from traction lifts
  • Assemblies of the lift cabin (lift technology – hydraulic lift)
    • Direct and indirect assemblies of the lift cabin
    • Hydraulic unit
    • Hydraulic block
    • Safety gear, slack rope monitoring
    • Rescuing people from hydraulic lifts
  • Practice
    • Practical exercises on the lift system

Appointments are only made on request.


If you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to help you further!


Lift emergency calls & rescue of trapped persons

A lift must not be operated without a functioning emergency call system – we will take care of it!

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Lift service, maintenance & repairs

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Routine calls to check the lift emergency call function

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GSM emergency calls/SIM card management

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