Why do you need a hazard analysis?

We'll advise you regarding the hazard analysis for your lift.

Hazard analysis for lifts

A hazard analysis (in German, GBU for short) is mandatory under the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) and must be carried out before a lift is commissioned for the first time. Furthermore, the hazard analysis must be renewed if standards or the use of the lift, its environment or the technology of the lift system have changed. It has been proven to be meaningful to renew the hazard analysis every 5 years.

In a hazard analysis, the deviation of a lift system from the state of the art is determined and possible hazards are listed according to the level of risk.

This involves a risk classification (low, medium, high), which is prepared with reference e.g. to the EN 81-80 safety standard for existing lifts. On the basis of the classification, a prioritisation is made and a binding schedule is set for the implementation of measures to reduce risks e.g. through technical measures on the lift system.

The authorised inspection bodies (in Germany, e.g. TÜV or Dekra) check the existence of the risk assessment during the regular inspection of your lift – if it is not available, this constitutes a deficiency. In the event of an accident, civil and criminal liability consequences in such circumstances cannot then be ruled out.


We prepare a qualified hazard analysis for your lift

  • We check the surrounding environment and context
  • We take into account the current mode of use
  • We consider any special hazards
  • We make recommendations in the event of deviations
  • We deliver a list of measures (optional)
  • We do the planning for overhauls of lift components (optional)


A hazard analysis is essential for legally compliant operation and qualified planning of future overhauls.


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