Our availabilities
Intervention partners of the TG Services emergency call centre

We offer our services for you not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also in
the Benelux countries and France. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, this is done via
our subsidiary TG Services s.r.o.

We currently cover these areas for you with our partners – and more are coming in all the time:

Map of Availability of Intervention Partners

Radii: Green = 20 km, Yellow = 40 km

With our intervention partners, we offer the following services:

  • Intervention/alarm follow-up
  • Rescuing trapped persons from lifts
  • Assistance in the field of home emergency calls
  • Digital locks for wall safes, locking systems, etc.
  • Nationwide lift attendants according to TBRS 3121 with their own app
  • Guarding services
  • Area checking services and special inspections
  • Separate monitoring
    • Fire watch
    • Supervision
    • Vacancy
    • Industry
    • Banks
    • Authorities

We already cover 81% of the area of the German-speaking countries (island coverage on request). Furthermore, we are also actively engaging for our customers in Benelux and France. Through our sister company TG Services s.r.o., the Czech Republic, Slovakia and parts of Hungary are also covered.

The map only captures a very fluid situation – we keep growing every day!

We have developed a network of partners to sustain our services. We credit our success to our special concept and our commitment. We currently work with 143 partners and guarantee services with a high level of quality for our customers. Compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements is ensured through regular audits, as well as quality-focused training of partners.

Would you like to become an intervention partner? Please send us an email with the heading "To become an intervention partner". Or contact Mr Kay Petermann or Mr Marcus Polster.

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